Apparently, some videogames have songs in them that have actual words. Words! Who knew. Here are five of my favourites, not including, you know, that one.

You're Not Here, Silent Hill 3

While not quite reaching the dizzy heights of excellence that it's precursor did, SH3 was pretty goddamn amazing, and the mirror room incident has probably scarred me for life. One of the things I like about it is the intro song, You're Not Here. Here's a video, complete with some pretty creepy lip-synching from Heather, the protagonist.

It manages to sound very much in the Silent Hill tradition whilst being a little different, and I'll give Akira Yamaoka much credit for that. He knows how to knock up a tune, that lad.

Johnny No More, Rising Zan

Rising Zan is an obscure PS1 slash-and-shoot-em-up, in which you play a cowboy who learns how to be a samurai. Wait, why am I telling you this? It's all spelled out in the intro song!

Yeah, it's catchy. Now that I've watched it again, I shall be crooning Rising Zaaaaaaan at anyone I happen to come across, and you will too.

Ending Song, God Hand

God Hand is, along with Global Defence Force, one of the most criminally overlooked games for the PS2 and it remains a firm favourite of mine. Punching midget Power Rangers never gets old. Upon completing the game, you get the God Hand Ending Credits Song, and it is good:

It sounds like a lost '70 giant robot anime theme tune, and this is a wonderful thing. It also make reference to Mike Tyson's famous "My style is impetuous" rant (as do some of the enemies in-game). Oh Iron Mike, you crazy ear-biting scamp. Please don't eat my children.

Life Was A Bore, Outrun 2006

Oh man, this is a cheesy song. Cheesier than a giant sack full of cheese, floating in a sea of Dairylea. But I do love it so. This song's great strength is that it fits perfectly with the gameplay. No song better matches up with the feeling of powersliding around a mountain in a Ferrari, driving recklessly to impress a girl.

It does feature some legitimately excellent drumming, and I really like the guitar solo. So it's good cheese, like a nice chilli cheese. I also like Night Flight from the same game, but it loses out on a place here because it feature the lyrics "This is paradise / and it's very nice," which may well be the worst lyrics ever written.

King of King's Song, We Love Katamari.

It's just insane.

Another song that fits perfectly with the mood of the game, which in Katamari's case is the mood you get after eating peyote that's coated in candy-floss. It sounds like the theme music to the greatest 80's action film of all time, and I love it.

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