A quick break from Shoot-Em-Up Week to let you know that the inestimable Hardcore Gaming 101 are having a gigantic poll (hur hur) to determine the best videogame tracks ever. You can choose up to 100 tracks, or as few as one, with the top five receiving extra points. You can visit this thread to read the rules and post your entries, which I recommend you go and do right now - actually, the closing date is September the 30th, but you don't want to be rushing something this momentous at the last second, do you?
Anyway, here are the one hundred tracks that I selected, complete with YouTube links so you can listen to them with your ears. Overall, I'm surprised how easily this list came together. While there are some tracks that were close but didn't quite make it (sorry, "Brave or Grave"), the only real dilemma I had was whether OutRun's "Splash Wave" or Shining Force II's "Warrior of the Reviving Light" made it into the top five. In the end SFII won through, but "Splash Wave" was a close sixth.
This is the list, then: the best of the best. To any tracks I may have forgotten - I can only apologise.

Top 5
Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, Bloody Tears
Devil's Crush, Main Table Theme
F-Zero, Big Blue
Golden Axe II, Battle of Ravaged Village
Shining Force II, Warrior of the Reviving Light

The Rest
Alex Kidd, Alex Kidd Theme
Alundra, The Wind That Shook The Earth
Alundra, The Village of Inoa
Batman (NES), Streets of Desolation (Stage 1)
Battle Hunter / The Hunter A.R. 0062, Eyes in Mind
Bishoujou Senshi Sailor Moon (Genesis), Amusement Park
Castlevania SOTN, Crystal Teardrops
Castlevania X Rondo of Blood, Bloodlines
Chrono Trigger, Secret of the Forest
Chrono Trigger, Battle with Magus
Chrono Trigger, Undersea Palace
Contra: Hard Corps, Contra The Blue Gale
Contra: Shattered Soldier, Venus
Deadly Premonition, FBI Special Agent
Demon's Crest, Metropolis of Ruin
Donkey King Country, Ice Cave Chant
Doom (PS1 Ver.), Computer Station
Duke Nukem 3D, Grabbag
E.D.F., Midnight Intercept

Final Fantasy III, Eternal Wind
Final Fantasy VI, Dancing Mad
Final Fantasy VII, J-E-N-O-V-A
Final Fantasy VIII, Silence and Motion
Final Fantasy Tactics, Trisection
Final Fight, Industrial Area
F-Zero GX, Captain Falcon's Theme
F-Zero X, The Long Distance of Murder
Gauntlet (NES), Title Theme
Ghouls 'n' Ghosts, Stage 1 (Arthur's Theme)
God Hand, God Hand (Credits Song)
Gradius II, Maximum Speed
Gradius III, In The Wind
Grandia, The Beautiful Woman of Alent
Gremlins II: The New Batch, Stage 1

Guilty Gear, Holy Orders (Be Just or Be Dead)
Guilty Gear XX, Blue Water Blue Sky
Ironsword - Wizards & Warriors II, Title Theme
Katamari Damacy, Katamari on the Swing
Legend of Zelda, Overworld
Legend of Zelda: ALTTP, Dark World
Marvel vs Capcom, Theme of Captain America
Marvel vs Capcom 3, Theme of Chris

Mega Man 3, Proto Man Theme (Ending)
Mega Man 4, Skull Man
Mega Man 7, Shade Man
Mega Man X, Armoured Armadillo
Megaman X3, Blizzard Buffalo
Mighty Final Fight, Round 05 (Bay Area)
Money Idol Exchanger, Theme of Exchanger
Monster Maulers, Fight! Dadandarn!
Monster Maulers, Battleship and Ducker
Monty on the Run, Theme
Ninja Gaiden (NES), Intro Theme
Ninja Warriors, Daddy Mulk
OutRun, Splash Wave
Panzer Dragoon, Flight (Stage 1)
Rage of the Dragons, Exclamation

Resident Evil, The Night Begins
Resident Evil 2, Secure Place
Ridge Racer Type 4, Naked Glow
Runabout/Felony 11-79, Theme of Runabout
Salamander, Poison of Snake
Salamander, Power of Anger
Salamander 2, Silvery Wings Again
Scott Pilgrim: The Game, Another Winter
Secret of Mana, Phantom and a Rose
Secret of Mana, Spirit of the Night
Secret of Mana, Fear of the Heavens
Shadowman, Playrooms of Asylum
Shining Force II: Lively Town
Shining: The Holy Ark, Battle Theme
Splatterhouse 2, The Lair
Splatterhouse Wanpaku Graffiti, Graveyard

Silent Hill, Silent Hill Theme
Silent Hill 2, Betrayal
Silent Hill 3, You're Not Here
Silent Hill 4, The Last Mariachi
Silver Surfer (NES), Stage 1
Snatcher, One Night in Neo-Kobe City
Sonic R, Super Sonic Racing
Starfox, Corneria
Street Fighter II, Ken's Theme
Street Fighter II, Guile's Theme
Street Fighter Alpha 3, Simple Rating (Karin's Theme)
Suikoden, Theme of Sadness
Sunset Riders, Stage 1
Super Mario 64, Bowser's Road
Super Soccer, Uruguay
Thunder Cross II, Air Battle
TMNT IV: Turtles in Time, Bury My Shell at Wounded Knee
TMNT IV: Turtles in Time, Sewer Surfin'
Top Gear, Mad Racer
Vagrant Story, Undercity
Vagrant Story, Great Cathedral
Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Mars Needs Cheerleaders

And there you have it. A field dominated by Capcom, Konami and Squaresoft, but with some more obscure entries from the likes of Money Idol Exchanger, Shadowman and Felony 11-79. Hopefully this has got you thinking about your favourites, so once you've figured them out make sure you head over to HG101 and vote for them!

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