Well, that's it for this year's Halloween fun-times here ate VGJUNK. Thanks to everyone that read my ramblings, and thanks for making October VGJUNK's most successful months so far. Normal non-spooky service will be resumed next week, once I have recovered from my bone-chilling holiday hangover.
I'll leave you with one final piece of Hallowe'en advice: Go play Zombies Ate My Neighbours.

Why? Because it's jam-packed with Hallowe'en flavour. The gameplay is great, the sprites are great, the music is great, and there's a level called Mars Needs Cheerleaders. You shouldn't need any more encouragement than that!

In fact, here's a task for you all: go send Lucasarts and Konami an email asking them to at least re-release ZAMN on the Playstation Network and XBox Live, or even make a sequel, a beautiful next-gen sequel. You never know.

Happy Hallowe'en to all!

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