Yes, today is VGJUNK's first birthday! Imagine I'm wearing a pointy little hat or something. As it is also coincidentally my birthday tomorrow, I'm far too busy with the preparatory birthday drinking for a full-size update. Instead, here are five of my favourite articles from the first year of the entertainment colossus that is VGJUNK.

I love football, and I love barmy Japanese videogames, so Super Sidekicks is guaranteed pleasure for me. Featuring men on fire and Jorge Campos!

The worst game I've ever played? Quite possibly. A truly dismal "racing" game with some of the most atrocious acting in human history. It will blacken your soul!

An article devoted to probably my favourite minor character in videogames history, Resident Evil 2's psychotic police chief Brian Irons. Read on to find out why he might well be based on Adam West!

Come with me as I create fake title screens for NES games that don't exist, no matter how hard I wish they did. Someone, please, make me a MST3K game.

The game I hate most in all the world, Dragon's Lair gets treated to a long rant by me about how much I hate it. Here's a hint: I hate it a lot, but hopefully in an amusing way.

And that's it for VGJUNK's first year. Huge thanks to everyone who has read it, left me comments and shared it around the internet (yes, all seven of you). It's been great fun, and here's to another year of copyright-infringing side-scrolling beat-em-ups and incomprehensible Japanese puzzle games. Huzzah!


  1. Hi there :)
    Happy Birthday to you and your great blog - stumbled over it looking for Dead Connection (1992, Taito) infos and linked it on my site instantly :)

  2. brainbug: Thanks very much for the birthday wishes and the link!

  3. Happy Birthday, sire. Your investigations and reports are forever pleasing to mine skullballs.

  4. Postmoderndevil: Thank you very much, that's very nice to hear!


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